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Cozy Critters Pet Sitting Services, LLC

If you’re searching for a reliable, experienced and fully insured In-Home Pet Sitter, look no further!

To alleviate any stress on your critters, we provide our services in YOUR home where they feel most comfortable.  From vacations, weekend trips or long workdays, we are here to service you! 

All domesticated critters accepted; rodents, birds, and reptiles included.


Dog Walking

Regular activity helps decrease boredom and gets your dog necessary exercise. It also helps enforce leash skills and manners.


We offer walking daily or occasional, weather permitting. This is offered for all sizes and breeds. 

Pet Sitting

Don’t feel guilty about leaving your pet alone! Our company’s professionals can make visits throughout the day, when pets are most active.  


Visits are requested anywhere between 7 am to 8 pm and can include feeding, fresh water, snacks, medication/injection administration, short walk or playtime, litter box cleaning, and poop pick up. We can leave on a radio or TV for familiar sounds, pick up the paper, mail, rotate blinds and lights to give your home a customized “lived in” look. Get in touch to book a session today.

Image by Bonnie Kittle

Potty breaks

This service is for busy pet owners in town, who want us to check in on their pets for a potty break or short walk while at work or other functions. Less than 15 minutes.



Critter Sitting Services:

$15 Per visit

Price includes up to 4 pets*

Additional $5 per visit per day for all major holidays


Walking Only Service:

$12Per walk

Subject to weather. Walk can be paid for as needed, weekly, bi-weekly or on a monthly basis

Maximum of 2 dogs per walk. 


Potty Break Service:


$10Per visit

Potty Break Services can be paid for as needed, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Price includes up to 4 pets* 

                       Visit Recommendations:

1 Visit per day: Most cats, rodents, birds, reptiles, aquariums, or dogs with dog door access

2 Visits per day: Some cats, potty-trained dogs, multi-pet homes or dogs with dog door access

3 Visits per day: Indoor dogs and multi-pet homes

*Additional $5 per visit per day for 5 or more critters.

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